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    Divine Resonance or Quickened Invocations?

    Prot Pallies: for Dragonfight are you planning to take Divine Resonance or Quickened Invocations, and what's your reasoning?

    Divine Resonance:
    After casting Divine Toll, you instantly cast Avenger's Shield every 5 sec. This effect lasts 15 sec.

    Quickened Invocations:
    Cooldown of Seraphim is reduced by 5 sec and Divine Toll by 15 sec.

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    Or maybe neither, so we can make it over to "Moment of Glory"?

    To Infinity and Beyond!

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    I plan to go for Bulwark and Resonance as capstones in the prot tree, and Seal of Order and zealots paragon in the general tree. My main focus will be on CD reduction via HP spenders, so I can use sentinel/divine shield/guardian as often as possible. The only other avenger shield talents I'm picking up will be Faith's barricade and strength in adversity. I think in this case Resonance is much more useful, since I can pop it at the start of the pack to act as a defensive/offensive cooldown. The avengers every 5 seconds will let me focus on using HP generators, while keeping up the 10% block and parry buffs while giving me extra empowered Shor's on trash pack. The same thing for a ST boss, the automatic avengers will keep those 2 buffs rolling, letting me focus on other abilities. From start to finish, a divine toll will keep those 2 defensive buffs rolling for 25 seconds without me having to manually use avenger's shield.
    Quickened would go well with seraphim for a more offensive and bursty build, giving you a nice burst every minute, but I think Final stand, along with the bubble reduction cooldown and other CD reduction talents gives prot so many cooldowns on a consistent basis to work with it'll be extremely powerful defensively.
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