I've historically always preferred to play Feral druid, this is the main reason I went to go play Classic WoW. That's what I'm looking to play in Dragonflight at the moment. The good news is that feral looks incredibly good. The bad news is feral remains a melee class.
I'm not very good at playing a caster, in general, which is a big concern I have when playing a ranged class. I know for a fact that I'm better at melee.
I tried going back to find my old feral logs from Legion which is the last time it was playable and I can't seem to find them which is a little odd so I've included my classic logs where I play feral. It's not the same but... it's something! D:

Available Days
I'm looking for three days during the week: Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday or Thursday

Available Hours
7:00PM EsT - Midnight EST, anything in between these.

Raiding Experience
CE Ny'alotha on druid: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/charact...nezora?zone=24
Deep pulls on Denathrius as both druid and DK :https://www.warcraftlogs.com/charact...2/nezs#zone=26
I raided only a few weeks in Sepulcher, the guild I was in fell apart and I already had a lot going on IRL so I took a break:

Came back to raid for Sanctum, decided to go FotM to find a guild easier:https://www.warcraftlogs.com/charact...1&difficulty=5
Wasn't very good at hunter so I lost interest pretty quick. Went to play my favorite class on classic. I don't know if anyone will even care about classic parses because it's such a different game but mine can't hurt me so:
Current tier:

Last Tier:

What I'm looking for
The main thing I'm looking for is a guild that will stay together in the long term. I am not looking for a newly formed guild. I did that for all of Shadowlands more or less with guilds of really good players with really good logs that just ended up falling apart because the only thing you can't really plan for is conflicts of personality. I'd like to avoid that.

What I bring to a guild
Arguably the most important section! What do I bring to a guild! Well, to start off with, there's my sterling personality and modesty!
Jokes aside, I'm a player who has always, traditionally, been very mechanic focused. I understand mechanics and fights quickly which enables me to focus on optimizing my play sooner. That being said, if my classic logs say anything at all, it's what when I'm in an environment where I'm able to focus on parsing I really really enjoy that as well. I tend to refer to these as my "easy content mode" and "hard content mode".
Beside all that I really really enjoy Mythic +. It's probably actually my favorite part of the game. And I'm really looking forward to Solo Shuffle as well. I enjoy playing all aspects of WoW!

Contact info
If you're interested in reaching out for a chat, please feel free to hit me up on:
Discord: Nez#1783 (case sensitive)
Battle.net: Nez#1406 (I don't THINK it's case sensitive! D

Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you.