Poll: Which evil faction would you join?

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    Angry Which evil faction would you join?

    If you were dropped into Azeroth and forced to join one of 10 villainous factions, which one would you choose?

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    I feel like the majority of these factions wouldn't accept humans into their ranks, so Scourge / Twilight's Hammer / Primalists feels like my best bet

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    Depends on how the question is angled:

    Right now in current in-universe time? Anyone but The Primalists as I'd not have an adventurer steamroll over me anytime soon as all these factions are broken / merely a shell of it' former self with few members that likely just I glad to be alive. (Except maybe the Forsaken? Is the Undeades of the Horde still called The Forsaken? Since if so they are likely the best candidate)

    If it is a question of "Join any of them whenever you'd want and assuming you could choose what race you'd be (Since half of these would not accept Humans) - Likely The Burning Legion as one of the upper types of demons, seen as the demons seems to be ageless and until Argus got smashed; they could not really die either. And they have been around forever so I'd get to live a long life just killing shit before "Ismellfartz" comes along and slaps me as part of a world quest after Argus gets destroyed.
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    The Scarlet Crusade and working close with Whitemane... for reasons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Val the Moofia Boss View Post
    If you were dropped into Azeroth and forced to join one of 10 villainous factions, which one would you choose?
    Don't know enough about the primalists yet, but only the iron horde doesn't use weird mind control and/or social hysteria on its members as a rule.

    Of course they're only interested in pragmatic alliances, so if you're useless ypu're probably better off joining i.e. the Twilight's hammer, or if you're a useless orc then Garrosh's horde might do.

    So yeah, definitely them, the iron horde.
    Or maybe the primalists.

    Or wait, Illidan has some free-ish subfactions as well. Still Draenor seems much nicer than outland.
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    The Horde.

    It's unbelievable to me how people still think the horde and alliance are morally equivalent and both written as if choosing one or the other is the same. I do believe that the people of the horde aren't evil, and the Tauren certainly aren't, but undeniably their leaders are more often than not sadistic evil mofos. And even if you say this as only been true recently look at the trailer for TBC. The draenei is presented as a stoic character while the Blood Elf is a conniving traitorous mana sucking vampire.

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    Scarlet Crusade (if you would count it as 'baddies').
    I'd definitely worship Whitemane... for a few reasons.

    If i have to pick something from the list... probably Twilight's Hammer as i loved their theme.

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    Probably the Old Gods. Snazzy armor, and you get to be insane on top of that.
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    Tie between Scarlet crusade and Illidan forces

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    Scourge all the way for me. Was very dissapointed when I started playing WoW back in 2005 and found out those undead were Forsaken and not Scourge ones.

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    I find this all such a tease...

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    the scourge has necromancy. I mean, can you imagine being a necromancer during the peak of the Lordaeron Plague? Imagine the parties...
    ...that's just my opinion, anyway.

    All of this cosmological stuff is too boring for me. I'd like to get Warcraft back, please. my thing is killing defias and orcs.

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    The burning legion because they care about diversity.

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    None, I'd rather join a neutral.
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    If I get to change to something else in the process, I think I'd absolutely go with the Mogu Empire. The curse of flesh sucks, I'd love to have an inorganic body.

    Otherwise it'd be the Twilight's Hammer, because turning into something completely inhuman is just a natural step in working your way up the ranks.
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    Why join an evil faction if you can make your own.

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    Burning Legion as the Queen of the Eredar! Or...Scourge as a necromancer.
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    Twilight's Hammer.

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    Burning Legion provided that the heroes havent destroyed argus. Die reincarnate few months later. Die again. repeat

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