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    [H] DEUS MALUS - Twisting Nether is recruiting for DF

    DEUS MALUS is a new raiding guild recruiting everything right now towards becoming a Cutting Edge raiding guild. We will be raiding 3 times per week with raid days being Thursdays, Sundays and Tuesdays 20-23 and aim towards having a laidback but strong roster.

    The majority of our players have played the game since it’s early days and have been through most content at all difficulties, we’ve got an experienced team that we are hoping to have you become a part of!

    Loot Council will be the designated loot method for the guild and people are expected to abide by it, failure to do so will result in exclusion from the raids and with repeated offenses, exclusion from the guild itself.
    We will have a rotation basis on a random raider each week to ensure everyone feels included in loot decisions and that it keeps things fair.

    Due to the nature of the Dragonflight loot system becoming a need/greed system even in guild raids, we’ve made the decision that the loot shall be passed on by non-council members so we can then distribute it accordingly amongst our members to gear up what we feel is the most necessary and beneficial to the guild as a whole.

    While we have not yet done any progression as a guild as we’re still more or less brand new, we have eager players that wants to push as far as we possibly can.

    We seek to recruit likeminded players that wants to have fun while raiding but also progressing at a decent rate to achieve our CE goals.

    We also conduct a zero-tolerance policy towards toxicity, and we will under no circumstance tolerate people that behaves poorly towards other guildmembers or other players in general. Such offenses will be met with instant guild exclusion should it occur.

    Feel free to stop by at discord.gg/JGHvpbewCa to apply to the guild!
    Or simply visit www.deusmalus.com to find the application link!

    Hoping to see you join our ranks!
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    Actively recruiting healers and DPS!

    At this point we are roughly 10 raid members, we’ll obviously start raiding normal and heroic at the launch of them in Dragonflight to get people geared and prepared for mythic once we've gathered our core team.

    Shoot us an application or have a chat with one of the officers!

    We’d be happy to have anyone eager to learn and that performs at a decent level.
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