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    Unhappy missing condemn in dragonflight (arms)

    hello There!

    it's no secret that "condemn" is a great thing in the arms ST rotational. It gives you a head start that compensate the "middle of the fight" phase when arms generally stay behind most of the dps till he shines again the the execute phase.
    in dragonflight this is gone and has not been replaced by anything (many of the other war abilities has been) and already i noticed then when i try a non-shadowlands encounter my overall dps is way low.

    what do you think about it?

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    my war is fury, and I'm missing it too, I got so used to "charge + condemn!" at the start of each fight

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicola87 View Post
    what do you think about it?
    I think that, as they always have and most likely always will, Blizzard has tuned things around the upcoming endgame rather than the previous/current endgame. Arms will shine in their designated content/phases/aspects of the game when they reach 70 and get geared, just like everyone else.

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    If all you care about is DPS you shouldn't have much to worry about, if it's about gameplay feel then yeah you're probably fucked.

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    I'm gonna be honest, Condemn wasn't a good thing for Arms. The only reason Condemn felt good was because it hit like a truck and was a massive bandaid over the otherwise terrible Arms design in Shadowlands. It's easy to get bamboozled by large tit.. Crits, ahem.. But you have to be honest and consider why Condemn felt good within the spec, it was because the spec otherwise fell flat on its ass.

    Arms design hasn't been particularly good since BFA came out, it was great in Legion, definitely the best version of "modern" Arms.
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