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    Is Bleed Finally Our Final Form? (Feral)

    I've been hearing talk about Haste stacking and bleeds being the best DPS now for Feral going into DF. Is that actually true? Or is it at least competitive with the Crit/Bite spec that has been dominant for a while now?

    I only got excited about coming back for DF after watching the video from Blu Closet Gamer where he said Haste/Bleed is now the way to go. But now that I've upped my subscription and DF is getting closer, I'm now noticing that I haven't seen any other source confirm this information.....

    If any Feral gurus are out there reading this, please let me know what's up!

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    Check out the druid discord my friend


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    foxxy is basically no longer a fox - more like a badger this game

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