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    That was Hitler. So, no.
    That's the point. Doing one good deed does not make you good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deenman View Post
    or maybe if u dont like it?kekw
    yeah but thats not the case though is it? KEKWDEWEEBLOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zenfoldor View Post
    IMO, there was a huge drop in quality at the end of Legion. I loved my addiction and still do. I just didn't love the direction after Legion. It also wreaked havoc on my friends list, which really doesn't help. Other companies have filled the gap, but I was tired of lying to myself, WoW fell off.

    That said, I personally have left no reviews about WoW lately because I haven't played Dragonflight, but I am interested in a comeback...but only if they have learned from past development mistakes or past misplaced priorities. If they are still developing to prioritize me doing daily chores and not fun, then I'll bounce off Dragonflight and I can only imagine what more major failures would do to wow at this point.
    Legion wasn't a huge difference in quality on an asset to asset basis. It was easily overrated because people had memed "terrible WoD" so much: that almost anything would be impressive to them by just being different; WoD had done the mistake to take the followers table game in the garrison too seriously and people felt trapped in it; the assets of the game outside that were the same old quality as always and at times better and they weren't extremely few anyway.

    All that is irrelevant if you say "I don't like chores"; this game abuses addiction with mundane chores since vanilla; supporters of that insanity say "this is necessary for the mmorpg genre" but that's untrue: mmorpgs have to be mmo and rpgs and never do they have to be grindy (that's the devs that decided that on their own).

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    Don't think it's people's addition. This is the first prepatch where jobs came into it with broken talents for weeks(some of which they just fixed last week and wouldnt be surprised if some are still broken) and it has a bigger price tag with worse quality. I think you can objectively see the flaws in this xpac without having to be invested in it.
    Please. I've seen the beta and I see nothing disastrously better or worse than other expansions. In fact at least they have a big improvement with world navigation because of the flying mechanic which in turn gave freedom to their mappers to make much more interesting maps in terms of verticality (and they look (and *are*) so much better: that I find it hard to see them ever taking that mechanic back from now on).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Relapses View Post
    people hate lizard wizards
    Thank you for that. I truly appreciate it. Lizard wizards! Good one.

    For the OP, the videos are boring, Blizzard has done a really poor job in a really rushed manner, the new class isn't well likely but is playing a pretty pivotal role in the videos..... There are a number of reasons I hope turn out to be overblown.... but that is why there are alot of dislikes.

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    For one, Blizzard has enemies, as a corporation. Could just be hired goons giving bad PR to help 'the other side'.

    For two, this game has the strangest counter propaganda to current mainstream than ever.

    The propaganda with WoW, you don't wanna be a loser 'addicted' to working at a video game. "Warcrack." Because it's so new, and fresh, it gives people something to do.

    Now, people wanna worship the people that play video games as a job - the Streamers, AKA the exact opposite of 'shaming' the heroes.

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    A lot of people still hold a grudge because they did not like previous expansions and Blizzard are starting on a negative in terms of goodwill and that's reflected in likes/dislikes.

    I've always been fascinated with the hivemind mentality a lot of people have in regards to how they feel about an expansion. For me it's mindblowing that people can say "expansion A sucked" or "expansion B ruled" because every patch is its own thing and it's pretty much never happened that a whole expansion has been 10/10 all the way through or just been terrible all the way through. It's also easy to forget about good things or bad things when you treat a whole expansion as 'good' or 'bad'. Heck, a lot of people love Wotlk (I don't) and that expansion launched with an old raid as the first tier. Imagine if Dragonflight launched with Antorus as the first raid, people would be outraged! I loved MoP like many others did but Siege of Orgrimmar did drag out too long, even though I really liked that raid. There's always ups and downs both in the better expansions and the worse ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    Point to me where Blizzard (or Activision-Blizzard) released that number. I'll wait.

    (gets out popcorn)

    I wonder if DF is even going to release in China now. We may not get a sales-as-of-release-day number now.
    I mean technically the service runs 1-2 months longer before the contract expires and let's be real, they will make sure it returns in the future with all the customer data still in place. I doubt they will give up on a chance to make some money in their favorite market.
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    #2) Angry players come to the forums to complain about the game... but what loser only comes to the forums to complain about the forums and its users?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmicpreds View Post
    What did you want?
    Well, lets see.
    - A class that could be played by a few if not all races. Meme on me if you want: but I really do want to play a Dwarf Tinker.
    - I wanted a little more love for world pvp. Outdoor objectives, viable rewards. I may be asking a lot but I'd like if the actual overworld presented real threats both from environment and players and rewarded you for participating. I dont particularly like raids or dungeons anymore but I love big expansive open world sandbox experiences where I can just run into anyone and just team up because content might actually need cooperation. When I last played everyone just kept to their own path and ignored each other as best they could.
    - Honest engine: I didnt know I wanted it, but I actually find I DO want dragonriding. Not enough to make me resub though.
    - The talent trees were a nice touch. Looking at them I was surprised to find they were less shallow and superficial than I was expecting. However I would like to see more evergreen systems than just this. Churning out content that makes all past content obsolete sucks. Chew through a patch in a couple weeks then cancel subscription and wait for content.

    I think my problem is that I just outgrew what WoW offers, and sadly it isnt my game anymore. I still come around here out of habit at this point.
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