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    Opening $19.99 worth of loot boxes was way more rewarding than OW2's Legendary Skin.

    This is what 20 dollars used to get us. Just depressing to watch now. I can't get over it.


    Like yeah, absolutely, fuck loot boxes. But the fact that we're getting such insanely smaller rewards just just. Not alright, man........

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    No matter the topic, someone will find a way to redirect it to complain about their current aggro.
    Yeah, doesn't feel right. We used to get roughly $2.00 in rewards in OW1 if you played tank or support.

    Now? You get $0.02, and only if you play support. and even if you do all of your weeklies in a season, it's not even enough to earn a battlepass, or a legendary skin.

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    A single skin costs just about as much as half of OW1's purchasing price. And in OW1 by simply playing the game you'd unlock a good number of skins, or the ability to purchase them, at quite a rapid pace.

    They've really got to change their monetization method. Luckily most people seem to not be putting up with this nonsense. Saw very few of the two new halloween skins (previous events would usually have three or four new legendary skins plus a handful of rare and epics) being used.
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    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    I don't think there'd be any problems if the level-earned lootboxes were still in the game. Just get rid of the purchaseable ones and everything would be fine. Alas.

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    Eh, all I saw was opening $20 worth of boxes full of crap I don't want. Just give me a cash shop and let me buy the skin I want for $20 straight up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flame6 View Post
    Eh, all I saw was opening $20 worth of boxes full of crap I don't want. Just give me a cash shop and let me buy the skin I want for $20 straight up.
    20 bucks for a skin is absolutely retarded.
    How can any sane person ask for something like that?
    A skin is never worth more than 5 bucks. They should start realizing that with a lower price you make more money.

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