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    A solid plan for getting as many mythic raid ilvl pieces early?

    Hi, I have been a mythic raider before during legion and I cleared some mythic bosses on bfa, however due to work and other irl problems I didn't have much time to play before on previous expansions so I played for 1/2 months then gave up, I plan to go more hardcore on dragonflight because most of my problems are solved. I don't know what systems there are now for getting loot and I see many new things like the valor rating of mythic+ so I wonder what else there is out there. I see also about a treasure after raiding? not sure what this is.

    I want to create a plan for getting as many mythic raid ilvl pieces as possible during the first 2 weeks of season 1 release.

    Ok, the most obvious one is to join a competitive guild, however besides this what other options there are?

    How many mythic raid pieces can I get with valor rating of 13?

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    you miss out. There were some bugs with world boss dropping very high item level gear that some famous streaming starting WITH 'A" took advantage off and ask his followers to do the same. Blizzard patch the bug afterwards. You can try to get some rep gear and also do M0 for now.

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