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    Dragonriding action bar paging

    I use ElvUI when it's not throwing errors, and I've also played around with no addons, but I can't figure out a way to change the dragonriding action bar. How do I do this? Can I put some paging settings into elvui to have it not change my main action bar? And is this even possible with default UI? Thanks

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    I'm having exactly the same issue but with Dominos. Before an update after release Dragonriding abilities were paging to action bar 5, now there is no paging at all. Been through all the paging options in both default UI and Dominos settings with no luck :/

    Turns out the bar it pages to just changed.. again. Seems there is no way to set which bar you page to on mounting your dragon - which is bar 11 for Dominos users
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