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    Honestly past the first 30 minutes in which the boat to Waking Shore didn't spawn properly (EU Alliance side) the launch has been the smoothest I remember. No gamebreaking bugs, no server queues to rejoin the game after breaks (I play on Silvermoon, the most popular EU Alliance server), some minor lag the first couple hours, and ever since it's been all smooth sailing. Easy level 70 within 8 hours of launch, and already fully into dungeon runs with no downtime and no queues, with nothing disrupting the experience other than a couple of disconnects while mounted running into terrain (there seems to be some issue with that, some guildies reported having the same).

    All in all, best expansion in a while. And so I go back to it. Keep all the baseless misinformation and vitriolic hate in check, it's scientifically proven that being constantly angry shortens your lifespan. The rest of us will be having fun in your stead.
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    Remember when we used to get credit a day or 2 of game time for this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by warpath2k View Post
    Here is a snippet of the next meeting-

    So hey how was launch after alpha, beta, and months of testing? Oh the boat to the new island didn't work? Did you add a portal after? That broke too?? But then surely.itneas ok after? Wair no? Oh that's great we want to invest more.
    This is not how investor meetings go at any company ever, by the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by panda040 View Post
    Remember when we used to get credit a day or 2 of game time for this?
    no /10char

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    a long enough and broad enough beta phase, combined with some good time and money investment, wellrounded with a good quality assurance team, could counter such situations in a wonderful way and can do wonders. big and professional companies know how and why…

    oh wait…

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    I play illidan NA - Absolutely destroyed for the first 3-4 hours on launch - pretty much exactly the same time frame when everyone got off work the next day. LUCKILY I have some buddies pull me into a few dungeons and as long as I didnt loot: lag free at least. But btw - if you loot anything (open world or in instance) its INSTANT lag out until that action is complete

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    Quote Originally Posted by TbouncerT View Post
    If you're embarrassed by a game, I think you need to find another game or a new hobby. These comments have been exhausting, get over yourselves. Your nubness is showing.
    It's always interesting how defensive people get when anyone is critical of their passion. So either you think the Blizzard dev team is moderately new and inexperienced, and as such deserves some grace... or aren't and clearly done goofed in many ways. Given how many posts of bugs I see on a variety of sites and how many comments I find on WoWHead that say "abandon the quest and start over" indicates this expansion wasn't released to a high quality standard.

    I suspect the answer is you cannot emotionally handle criticism and are 'triggered' (as the young folk call it) when the truth is spoken and the truth doesn't align with what you want to be true.

    In any case, the amount of bugs are appalling but not unexpected given it is Blizzard and they aren't known for polish anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenJesus View Post
    I seem to have clipped inside a wall while dragonriding to find a mining node. Now I keep getting DC'd whenever I try logging in.. GG Blizzard.

    Edit: Aaaand... I seem to have found another spot that keeps disconnects me.
    Happened twice to me, log with another char, open help window and search for the option to restore character in a safe zone, it takes 2 minutes
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