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    Why is server stability such a bad thing? You know why they did it. You saw the posts about how the Zepplin wasn't working, Orgrimmar crashed, people being trapped on Draenor or in Oribos.

    Theyturned on hard sharding to alleviate it it, just like they announced they were going to do for Classic's launch. And, just like the Classic servers, they'll tone it down as things settle and eventually the servers will just do it dynamically on an as-needed basis.

    Also, you're not seeing people because they're zipping around everywhere on their dragons.

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    I feel as though WoW leveling has always been single player, except for group quests that NEED other players.

    This is fine for me though, as I level with my fiancé OR if I didn't have him I would join a guild lol. - at any rate, my main content is M+ c:

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    They just increased the amount of shards in order to operate at a much more stable capacity. It’ll taper off as soon as the hype cycle dies down a bit. The world isn’t dead, it’s beyond packed. You just can’t see them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarx View Post
    I play Dragonflight for the whole day and I don't see any people in the Open world zones . It's so boring it's like dead world exactly like play a solo game .
    Anyone else got the same problem ?
    Impossible tbh or ur server is empty. Or phaseing on ur server not working well :P

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