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    …what uh, what pandaren druid stuff did we see? Curious.
    There is a World Quest where a little Pandaren is having a dream and creating monsters by accident in the Emerald Dream. You have to get rid of them.

    There's also a few dialogues scattered around from Druids saying they had dreams about the Dream when they were young. which may be some new lore they are seeding.

    If you combine the two things, then its implied that Panda is set to be a Druid when he grows up.

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    Pretty sure at the time we didn’t know that the Drust were related to the realm of Death. We assumed they were related to the Dream as some of the Drust had founded the Thirnspeakers which were Kul Tiran Druids. Though I may be wrong and misremembering if it was confirmed they were Death related at the time.
    Well Drustvar itself displays just how much the Drust involves death. It's all over that landmass.

    The Bwonsamdi storyline was pretty much small fry. Certainly not enough for it to be considered the secondary theme of an expansion. It was a HvA expansion with the Old Gods as the secondary theme.
    Bwonsamdi alone? No. Bwondsamdi alongside the Drust alongside Sylvanas using the war to collect souls for the Jailer does make it a secondary theme. Which is why BFA so easily led to Shadowlands.

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    ofc they're dragons. it's just that in almost every cinematic they're in their humanoid/elemental form. it's easy to forget what they are tbh lol also, as @Hitei pointed out, there is a lot (too much) elemental stuff in df.
    A lot of elemental stuff doesn't mean that it's an elemental expansion though. Everything elemental-based in this expansion is in service to the overarching dragon themes.

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