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    Anduin - becomes the ruler of Avaloren.
    Faerin - becomes the ruler/queen of Stormwind.

    That would be an interesting switch.
    Plus I was never against the idea of Anduin being the king. Just his own, not like his father. That was the main idea behind his development in Legion and BfA's cinematic (the last thing Metzen worked on before leaving).
    faerin wont rule its not in her character that we see
    anduin bringing back a forgotten human kingdom AND it is a light empire

    that fits his character

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    I just wish they would find a way to merge the data of different regions.

    Started my WoW journey on the US realms, then had to play on EU for a couple years and now I'm back on US. Feels bad to have awesome things (like WoD challenge mode weapons) on EU and unable to access it on US.

    Not even asking to transfer characters, just for it to check the achivements or w/e and give the rewards / check for unlocked transmogs.
    Sorry but the technology simply isn't there yet to transfer data across entire oceans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makorus View Post
    I mean, it's long overdue. Realistically, recently, it was only ever used for World First guilds to trade characters around for someone else to play.
    Which is as much against the EULA as someone else getting you glad on a new account and than sending that char to your main bnet account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lahis View Post
    Sorry but the technology simply isn't there yet to transfer data across entire oceans.
    Isn't that what we are doing right now?

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