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    Exclamation [EU] Caught in disconnect loop after dead in PvP World Quest in Waking Shores


    on the EU servers there is currently a PvP World Quest in the Waking Shores up. When you die and are transported to the graveyard, it disconnects you from the game and this happens every time you relog.

    Blizzard's automatic unstuck tool can't fix the problem because it transports you to the nearest safe graveyard, which is the exact graveyard you're stuck in.

    In fact you are stuck in a wall there, I have tried everything to solve the problem nothing works. Hundreds of people are already stuck in an disconnect loop.

    SOLUTION: Disable all Addons -> Graphics settings to minimum -> Spam Spacebar while logging in. You may have to do this a few times, but your character will fly out of the wall!
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    Have you tried the customer Support?

    But thanks for the psa.

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    Similar situation, not quite sure if it was on the same quest. But first got bugged with not able to strafe side to side, just move forward with "W".
    Suddenly D/C. When reconnected i was dead and D/C immediately on login.

    UPDATE: Logged in between 15-20 times mashing the space bar. eventually it climbed out of an object and was free. However, that silly enemy player that killed me, put me exactly in the same spot. So gotta do it all over again....
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    Im having the same problem and cant find any way to solve the problem, Did u manage to fix this somehow?

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