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    Dragonflight Hotfixes - December 2, 2022

    Dragonflight Hotfixes - December 2, 2022
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    • Druid
      • Fixed an issue where Tireless Pursuit was only granting 30% movement speed, not the correct 40% movement speed.
      • Balance
        • Fixed an issue where Sunfire applied to multiple targets would not correctly trigger the Mastery benefit.
    • Evoker
      • Fixed an issue where Eternity Surge could be casted while locked out of its spell school.
      • Fixed an issue where attempting to recast an empowered spell during its GCD would cause your action bars to grey out.
      • Preservation
        • Emerald Communion may now be cast while moving while Hover is active.
    • Hunter
      • Marksmanship
        • Fixed an issue where Wind Arrows from Legacy of the Windrunners or Windrunner's Barrage were gaining bonus damage from your Mastery twice.
    • Monk
      • Fixed an issue preventing the Touch of Death effect of Fatal Flying Guillotine from always being an Improved Touch of Death. The tooltip for this will be clarified in a later update.
    • Priest
      • Holy
        • Fixed an issue causing Answered Prayers to sometimes get stuck at its maximum stack count and fail to trigger Apotheosis.

    Creatures and NPCs

    • The Azure Span
      • Tatto the Iskaaran Stable Master will now correctly allow you to stable your pet.
    • Ohn'ahran Plains
      • Beastmaster Oken will now stable pets properly for hunters who find themselves in the Broadhoof Outpost.

    Dungeons and Raids

    • Algeth'ar Academy
      • Echo of Doragosa's health has been increased by 12%.
    • Brackenhide Hollow
      • Fixed an issue where if players entered the gauntlet toward the final boss from the Den of Decay instead of through Treemouth's area, the gauntlet could become impossible to complete.
      • Fixed an issue where Bracken Warscourge could spawn inside of the environment in the area leading up to Hackclaw’s War-Band.
    • Neltharus
      • Qalashi Thaumaturge's Magma Conflagration damage reduced by 40%.
      • Magmatusk's health has been increased about 15%.

    Items and Rewards

    • Players can now choose to cancel certain Transporter Malfunctions caused by new and old Wormhole Generators.
    • The Trial of the Elements (Primalist Tomorrow) and Trial of the Flood (Ohn'ahran Plains) events rewards were scaling higher than expected and have had their base item level reduced.
    • Armoire of Endless cloaks is now a correctly categorized as a Toy.
    • Integrated Primal Fire trinket damage reduced by 19%.
    • Fixed an issue where items purchased from Sabellian and Wrathion quartermasters displayed incorrect reputation requirements.

    Player versus Player

    • War Mode
      • Fixed an issue that the War Mode and Primal Storm cloak rewards were all using the same stat allocation.
    • Warlock
      • Demonology
        • Axe Toss and Solar Beam can no longer trigger the Precognition PvP Talent.


    • Enchanting
      • Fixed an issue where Enriched Earthen Shard was appearing underground.
    • Engineering
      • Fixed an issue where Tinker: Plane Displacer was not properly going on cooldown if it malfunctioned.
      • Lilliam Sparkspindle will now offer Alliance players the option to unlearn and change their Classic Engineering Gnomish and Goblin specializations.
    • Herbalism
      • Fixed an issue where Rich Soil was spawning too quickly.


    • Fixed an issue causing players above level 60 to be unable to enter certain legacy quest scenarios.
    • A small number of characters who were able to able access a Renown Campaign early have had their access corrected. However, characters who have already started the Campaign questline will be allowed to finish it.
    • The Azure Span
      • Fixed an issue where Kraunot could become unattackable during "A Wrestle of Wind and Water."
    • Ohn'ahran Plains
      • Fixed an issue where characters could be unable to complete "Shady Sanctuary.""


    • Fixed an issue where Therazane could be killed in the Black Empire.
    • Players attempting to turn in "Race Through Time" could be knocked off the platform by the opposing faction preventing quest completion. The Black Empire is now flagged as a sanctuary to prevent this from occurring.
    • Fixed an issue where the starting location for "Moving On" was in the wrong location on the map.


    • Dragonscale Expedition
      • Fixed an issue with Ancient Waygates. Players who hit Rank 7 may begin their adventures in exploring these curious ancient stones, scattered throughout the Dragon Isles.
      • Fixed an issue where players were unable to begin the Ancient Waygate questline.
    • Maruuk Centaur
      • Fixed an issue where "Sharing the Bounty" was not appearing at different Renown levels.

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    Would be nice to know which interrupts trigger precognition as of right now it doesn't work on all of them (rogue kick as an example).

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