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    Quote Originally Posted by Zendhal The Black View Post
    You sure about that? I can do it right now
    Ugly old gear is different thing. Some players like to intentionally look weird and confusing just for lulz. Like looking like Paladin, while being Mage.

    What's wrong with direction of development? Inclusivity is priceless - race change for free!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biomega View Post
    Personally, I think the biggest problem is that their thinking is just ridiculously rigid. They cling to some notion of "fantasy" that has them vastly overrate and overemphasize thinks like identity visuals - they think something must "look shaman/warrior/dk/etc." or there's a problem, and they go out of their way to try and preserve that. Which makes sense, in a way, if you're designing NPCs - but is absolutely toxic bullshit when it comes to players, because you're effectively taking away agency and defining players' characters for them. "THIS is how a DK should look, period" is not a good take when it comes to an RPG, where people might want to, you know, express themselves through their character?

    And frankly, they're overdoing it on the environment side, too. Just look at SL, and how everything was just shoehorned into a particular design/color palette for the various zones, and instead of narrative cohesion, we got completely indistinguishable masses of nondescript environments and NPCs whose entire identity was "I belong to <covenant>" and nothing else.
    yeah and then you got ugly shaman set for hunter in 8.3 xD no thanks let class be special in some way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biomega View Post
    Why are xmogs armor restricted?


    They're afraid that Johnny Random sees a robe-wearing warrior and goes "THIS IS PRIEST. HEAL HEAL. WHY SMASH? AAAAH CONFUSE!".

    That's it. That's literally all it is.

    Is it completely stupid and ridiculous? You betcha.
    maybe but to be fair ppls would run wariors in robes with 2h weapon bigger than char and that would look ridiculus
    we can go for fur costumes like LA but i dont think it would be a good way to go really, etleast if you dont want to go in flames ;P
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    "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst"

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    Im happy that i live in this multiverse then, becouse i dont want everyone to be able to transmog to any item, im totally happy with restrictions on some things.

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    With the store transmogs, it's a silly arguement. How can you tellw hat class that is wearing store bought transmog? Same logic applys to ANY other gear.

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    Thinking about this subject, and wondering why Blizzard hasn't made this change already has popped in my mind a few times. It could be that Blizz just doesn't want players to tmog certain items into another. Maybe they feel it would ruin the fantasy of the game, despite games like D&D letting you wear whatever the fuck you please. We all know Blizzard hates fun! I think I know the reason why we won't be seeing other classes using other classes tier sets, since that's likely more coding or something for them to do, and we know how blizzard is by now. The only people who know the answer to this is likely Blizzard and Ion. I personally never cared for it, but do think it could be an interesting idea.

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    It is at least interesting the "culture" that WoW players have...! Especially when compared to other MMOs. In Guild Wars 2 there are "Outfits" that are complete appearances and you literally buy them with the "Gem" of the game that can be obtained by playing or buying in the game's store.
    There are hundreds of Outfits. The most variable. Literally you can be a Warrior and dress like a ninja, or a witch, or a skeleton...! Yes, hundreds of combinations and nobody (NOBODY) complains about it. And look at this detail:
    Guild Wars 2 is considered the MMO with the best PVP system according to several MMO websites and streamers. Nobody cares about how it looks... except to admire all the Glamor of the thing because the Outfits are beautiful. Search "GW2 Outfits" and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

    BUT... a lot of people in WoW see this as a big problem. Well, I remember that on the official WoW forum there were people who were against the xmog system. Incredible. So what to expect from this community?

    Outfits in GW2:
    Show me in the image who's the warrior, who's the witch or who's the hunter.
    In GW2 you can dress however you want, nobody cares, and it's the best PVP in the world.
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