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    Question about leveling and professions on dragonflight

    1. Do you have to be 70 to level your dragon isles professions and complete work orders on valdrakken or can you do it from 60?
    2. Is leveling through questing mandatory on dragonflight or can you run it equally fast with dungeons without missing much?
    3. Is it easier to unlock allied races now or are they still locked behind huge quest chains and reps?

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    1. You can do both without needing to be max level, but at the moment there are very few to no public work orders on many servers. Here's the good news - you can get substantial XP from professions, via gathering and first time crafting. I levelled LW and levelled my toon to like 63 primarily through crafting.

    2. I would say first time through you need to do the campaign questline, as that opens up much of the game, and endgame, including world quests, and it will also unlock a lot for your alts.

    3. I believe it was made somewhat easier , in that some rep reqs were removed, but there are still some questing requirements. See Wowhead for a guide and also a tool that will show you for your character what is needed for race attunement.

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