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My guy, this is literally not an issue of "not understanding" this is an issue of "i am blocked from progressing my craft because i didn't chose the only correct path through the skill tree".
How was i supposed to know that the game would just block me from acquiring orange recipes?
Blizz designed profession advancement to last for the long game, this expansion. They specifically do not want you to max-out a crafting profession in one week, so you're going to have to change some of your thinking and have a lot more patience for how long this is gunna take.

For starters, once you've hit the level you are at a primary source of new knowledge is gunna be the weekly profession quest everyone gets. Other sources of knowledge are locked behind renown recipes, as others have stated. There's also 10 easy knowledge points from a Vulpera vender next to crafting orders you can buy, if you haven't already. There's the repeatable Ohn'ahran Plains Dragon Shard of Knowledge quest turn in if you get extra. Finally I believe Inscription makes a scroll that grants 1 knowledge once a week.

Big thing to note, is how much "once a week" pops up. After the initial burst you simply do not gain knowledge fast, and thus you do not max skill points fast, without quite a lot of Renown farming.