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    You said melee being brought has little to do with their DPS, but with their interrupts. I say that's wrong, otherwise everyone would bring prot paladin and the top-dps, rather than settling for the (hypothetically lower) top-melee-dps just because they have melee interrupts. But the reason you bring melee interrupts is because they're *also* top-dps, *and* they're also the tankiest. Nobody says "don't bring resto druid / evoker because they don't interrupt", they actually say "resto druid/evoker is S tier" because it's the HPS (and DPS) that matters. If havoc had 40 sec interrupt, you'd still probably bring two almost every group if you had two to bring. Heck, you may well bring three, as long as there are no class stacking caps.
    There's more to the question of group composition than just "what does most damage," which is the point I was attempting to illustrate. Perhaps it's wrong to pin melee preference only on interrupts (I edited the original post you quoted) but it is still an important factor to consider. Damage can only get you so far and right now everything is dying fast enough that interrupts aren't as important as they will be once keys are being run.
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    Cutting edge groups or more average Joes in question? The cutting edge groups will likely start with The meta comp (as in the highest possible damage), and then see if there's any particular pulls/bosses where they cannot play around their toolkit, whether interrupts, DRs, other cooldowns or just plain survivability is in question. The less serious groups, yes, they probably like going fat on the kicks as it gives more leeway.
    Pugs? Well, that depends. Many/most will probably continue picking the classes they find on the #1 page of rio, and then blame the tank/healer about the bricked key soon after.

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    Im not sure. In season 1 probably sustain dps gonna win not bursting. Im shadow priest again and im not sure ive picked right >< Goin to do melee alt just in case war/dh or monk. Monk was a beast at the end of SL. Done KSM with finger in my butt with my monk.

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