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    Bellular obtained his numbers from sources like wowprogress. If you go directly to wowprogress you can see the same decline in season 1 participation from SL to DF. It was because I could see this same trend when I analyzed the data myself that I find Bellular credible.

    You, on the other hand, seem to be dismissing this data, which is at least backed up by SOMETHING, for no good reason whatsoever. Your denial is vacuous and irrational. You are denying data simply because you don't like it.

    Now, this 3M figure is interesting, IF he can tell me what he is sourcing it from. Otherwise, it's just more data-free bullshit. You know, of the kind you tend to spew when you knock the numbers Bellular was giving.
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    Eugh, come on man. You're being insufferable. You missed the point of that post so hard that if you ever did figure it out I'm afraid you might suffer a concussion from the whiplash. The point isn't the numbers, it's the fact that you favor the veracity of certain numbers based on your preconceived notions. It doesn't matter where the numbers come from (it never does), it's just different flavors of the same bullshit being served in packages that individual posters prefer. That was the meme which you apparently missed completely.
    The question is context.

    If you are looking for some evidence, then the context is the crucial aspect here - not some numbers. Bellular is actively taking things out of context to earn some views.

    Saying less people killed a boss, is exactly the same as saying it's not raining outside(or the sky is blue). It's just observations - but from that, you can just make anything up(i.e it's not raining because of aliens). You need to frame the context - i.e compared to what and when.

    I promise you that any high school kid, would be able to challenge Bellulars unscientific point of view - but that says more about Bellulars audiance.
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