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1- stop people from hording ABSOLUTE OBSCENE amounts at an expansion launch
2- stop from too much data needing to be stored per charecter, while one charecter having 35 quests ontop of the countless other stuff does not take up a ton of storage space, when you can have up to 60 charecters per account, all with that many. then remidner they must keep these FOREVER. even if you only sub for 1 month, they have to keep that data, they don't purge it ever, you can pay them 15 dollars to store data for you perpetually till the day the game shuts down.
hell i am sure my account is atleast a couple gigs, maybe even double digits worth of data. and while for me that is nothing, you get hundreds of millions like that...
3- stop people from having lots of quests, losing track and getting confused about them all
4- part of the balance to stopping people from just picking up every single quest they can at once, your encouraged to do one thing at a time, instead of picking up a million things and then doing random stuff.

Now 35 is great, but it seems a bit of an odd number, going right to 50 woulda been a much nicer number, but i understand them not wanting to literally double it.
a... 40 something percent increase to quest log is a pretty good start, and should be enough for most people, like dragonflight launch i had so many times i literally just needed 1 more spot maybe 2 so many times, so 10 is great, but we shall see if they need to increase it again.
1- why is that a problem?
2- you don't understand anything about the real world storage and compute requirements for these so please don't pretend you do (coming from someone that does because they work with this).
3- don't get many quests then.
4- vast vast majority of quests cannot be done simultaneously anyway.