36 year old player from canada. mature & drama free. Day 1 wow player. Used to do CE world prog from vanilla until end of MOP. Then want more casual. Have 7/11M SOTFO and 5/8 N vault so far. Horde or alliance is fine. must be a close knit group of people, whom are active outside of raids, no drama type of environment. just good people who make an effort to get to know new recruits and are welcoming. Having a good friendly raid environment is important to me. please leave your discord tag and ill be happy to msg you asap. Not looking for toxic environments that kick people for a mistake or are rude to people during raid.

LF 8-11/11:30 EST raid times. any day really except thursdays unless it’s 8:30 start time (I work Thursday and don’t get home until 8). No Friday or saturdays either for prog nights. Don’t care faction if raid times work. Looking to chat on discord and see if we’d be a great fit for each other!