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    Still debating between Frost DK and Retri Pala at the moment
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aydinx2 View Post
    This is true for singleplayer games, but that argument doesn't work when the fun stops because you get kicked for low dps or just don't get invited because they inspect your gear/talents.

    And then there's also players, like me, who enjoy doing well and can't accept doing worse just to have a different weapon.

    Of course there's ways to circumvent this problem by finding like-minded people, but that's solving a problem that you yourself created.
    Honestly they should hide the ability to inspect gear and talents at the game engine level so add-ons cannot even see them, it has made the game more toxic over the years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akomu View Post
    Still debating between Frost DK and Retri Pala at the moment
    I 've played Frost since forever. Seriously my main DK was made in 08' and has for the most part been frost. That said I also play every other class to some degree. Right now Ret paladin even before their rework that's coming soon, feels more rewarding than my Frost DK. Just seems to hit harder and pressing their combo spenders feels good. Meanwhile with my frost DK idk. I have to pop all my major CD's just to do halfway decent DPS. A lot of it also feels like it depends on RNG. Meaning some pulls I can do really good, almost amazing DPS, but then the majority of other pulls it's just lackluster. Also Death Strike hits like a wet noodle. It's their ONLY real heal and takes SO many of them to stay up that their DPS goes into the dumpster. Meanwhile my Ret pally just pops one Word of Glory at three holy runes and I'm full health. Not to mention all the paladins other goodies in their bag like Invulnerability shield, stuns, consecration which is so much easier to play with since desecrate needs to be placed on the floor while consecrate is a PBAoE.

    I WANT to enjoy frost DK. I love the class thematically but it's just not there. Maybe if I power through it and gear my Frost DK to the teeth and get his set pieces, etc then it will be decent. But just out of the gate at lvl 70 with no gear ret pally just feels and performs better.

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    Honestly, Frost DK has been IMO the most boring melee spec for a couple of years now. I have tried so hard to enjoy playing it and I just couldn't. It was so much better pre-Legion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Utrrabbit View Post
    Their is MORE to wow than raids or dungeons. Only a small portion of the playerbase raids or do dungeons. So your example is moot.
    It's only in Raids and dungeons that these things would come into question tho.

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    2h Frost can provide a satisfying and enjoyable gameplay experience for some players, particularly those who prefer a simpler and more straightforward rotation. However, some players may find the spec repetitive or lackluster compared to other specs.

    In terms of gameplay mechanics, 2h Frost relies heavily on abilities that generate and consume runes, which can lead to a predictable rotation. However, the rotation can become more engaging as players learn to manage their resources and cooldowns effectively.

    2h Frost also lacks the speed and flexibility of other specs, as it relies on melee range combat and has fewer movement abilities. However, its ability to slow and control enemies can make it useful in certain situations, such as PvP or dungeon content.

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