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    People have been asking for a loyalty reward of sorts that isn't a 6-12 month contract for mounts, so here you go, a transmog set with the road that leads to it paved with easy cosmetics and maybe mounts from the shop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrayy View Post
    NO you don't. You actually do have to play the game. They are mad it isn't simply handed to them.
    Ah i assumed it was a year of just being subbed got you enough for the set. So you have to do all the bar filling as well to get enough doodads to buy it? Will have to have a peek at what you can get and how much it will cost when it is out. I already know i will never do the rez 50 people and the other crap they showed in the preview. Not really fussed about it anyways. Zero chance i will be subbed for months more.

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    Anyone know if this is only for Night Elves, or is it usable for every race?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irian View Post
    I mean why is this a big deal? You want cool shit, you gotta grind for it.
    Well it requires people to sub for at least 12 months. So that tmog basically costs 12x sub fee. or 11x sub fee at minimum. sure, you need to "play" and do some activities but, on top of the costs in $ this is made to create unhealthy habit and dependency.

    There is shitton of wrong and bad with that type of "rewards".

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