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    Didi you read the quote that I first responded to at all? That person literally said that 3rd world countries had better workers rights than the US. That is blatantly false. 3rd world countries have no workers rights at all. I am calling out a blatantly false claim. Nothing more.

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    I guarnatee you that Bobby Kotick would tell him. YOu know the CEO of ABK. If Ybarra tried to tell Kotick that , Kotick would tell him, "do that and you can clean out your office". Ybarra does not have the power you think he has.
    People do not realize Ybarra is the president of blizzard kotick is the ceo of ABK. That is like comparing a mayor of a city to the president of the entire country.

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    Typical toxic blizzard still being toxic to employees
    I assume you never worked anywhere, judging by your comment.

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