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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertMugabe View Post
    AFAIK the azerite armor you get by doing some quests was in the 7th legion style and then some, but dunno how that changed with the leveling revamp.
    Those were the warfront basic gear, which makes sense as the whole point of the warfront armor was it was basically the same niche as the heritage armor, an armor set built around the "race" represented, which is why people assumed orc/undead + human/nelf would be the last ones to get their heritage armors, if ever, because the warfront armors already pretty much covered that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    I don't know what people are talking about disliking the orc heritage. We've got fist spikes, we've got shoulder spikes, we've got spiky horns, spiky kneepads, and you know what, throw a nipple spike in there for good measure!

    Heros of the storm already had it funnily enough for the Cho'gall master skin which represented both the Horde, and the Twilight Council.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aekero View Post
    There's a chance nobody else cares, but heck yeah goblin monks!!
    I think it's going to look so cool adding the rocket jump to the Monk movement reportoire.

    So excited lol

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    Good to see that they didn't abandon heritage armor. I'm quite surprised they went with humans and orcs as I thought they'd be one of the last ones considering gear they got via Garrisons and Warfronts. Here's hope that trolls and draenei are next - but I wouldn't be surprised if they came up last.

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