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    A while back I used to enjoy Preach videos a lot. Less about the content, which was still decently good imo, but more about I just liked how he was a more down to earth type of guy that you could have a beer with sort of thing. The problem with most of these channels is once you know the game pretty well the need for them diminishes. So unless you just enjoy the video content and the creator then odds are you just drift away from it pretty fast. For sure if they only cover one game. Pretty much the instant you decide to not play that game anymore they are a wrap.

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    I visit these threads to challenge my self-esteem

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    Asmongold is the most entertaining but he does alot more then just wow content.
    Do you hear the voices too?

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    Signs of Kelani as he's one of the few WoW YouTubers who makes guides as most other WoW YouTubers constantly shit on the game which gets old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TigerOfPTS View Post
    I wonder what the age cutoff is for wanting to spend your time watching other people play video games.
    actually, Starraft had an observer mode where people would watch others play and it also included live chat AND an ability to interact with the map and change your view to whereever you want. and that went into the game in the 1990s. effectively, blizzard INVENTED streaming. blizz just saw no future in it and threw it away. then twitch came along. blizz was too introverted to grasp how people crave social.
    TO FIX WOW:1. smaller server sizes & server-only LFG awarding satchels, so elite players help others. 2. "helper builds" with loom powers - talent trees so elite players cast buffs on low level players XP gain, HP/mana, regen, damage, etc. 3. "helper ilvl" scoring how much you help others. 4. observer games like in SC to watch/chat (like twitch but with MORE DETAILS & inside the wow UI) 5. guild leagues to compete with rival guilds for progression (with observer mode).6. jackpot world mobs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    blizz was too introverted to grasp how people crave social.
    Please stop lying.

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    I'm not watching any because I'm no longer playing the game and I'm only interested in general news about WoW, not detailed explanations of systems or gameplay. But, if I were still watching videos on WoW it would be SoulSoBreezy, Hazel, Taliesen & Evitel, and Asmongold. There are other good ones who've been mentioned like Kelani, Bellular, and Kraken Latte. Recently I watched a very good video on WoW by Roze, but he seems to mostly cover New World. Very well-made video, though, the guy should be watched by anyone that enjoys whatever topic he's covering at any moment.

    eta: Just took a look and Roze has a newer video about new MMOs to avoid this year and it's, once again, a stellar and hilarious video.
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    I enjoy currently YT/Dratnos for a quick recap of weekly/patch changes for the casual/endgame content (Mythic+).

    Since I like to play the game, I am highly selective about the YT/twitch content I watch.

    I take the commentary from high level players to some (hidden) patch notes and changes to the game, but I stay as far away from topic/agenda streamers/techtubers as possible. Thats never healthy for any gamer, since their target audience is not playing the game.

    If you want to quit WoW, just watch popular streamers/youtubers, imho its the fastest way to get away from WoW.
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    I remember when WoWCrendor used to come to this forum back in the day... I still check out that guys content. He's the only OG WoW creator that's still going, even though his content is more than just WoW these days. :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by sam86 View Post
    Humarix because i love his top 10
    Soulbreeze because honestly he is so positive that he makes me smile and feel better
    FlyingButt because i love his comical way of telling wc books (even if i read all of them)
    Kakio he is really funny (but his production is quite low)
    Nobble because of lore (also he is really alliance biased)
    The Lost Codex for lore (high quality, but low output)
    Old Guardian ? (he is far more in hearthstone than wow)

    If i must recommend one, i'd say SoulBreeze because he is just that positive, he isn't ignorant or blizz ass kisser, in fact he points to their wrongs, but he always talk in positive way instead of fuck it and burn and stuff
    Who is "Flyingbutt" cant seem to find him

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obbi87 View Post
    Who is "Flyingbutt" cant seem to find him
    Flying Buttress exact name
    The beginning of wisdom is the statement 'I do not know.' The person who cannot make that statement is one who will never learn anything. And I have prided myself on my ability to learn
    Thrall 7:20+ "Alliance remaining super power", clearly blizz favor horde too much, that they made alliance the super power

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hansworst View Post
    None, I can perfectly form my own opinion.
    Some WoW channels do class specific starts, M+ tips, bring news, do collecting guides and did you knows, lore bits, gold gaining tips and so on. You don't have to watch any of them, of course, but wanted to mention some channels can be helpful in certain regards, not necessarily drivel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    thats exactly why jerry springer and the kardashians got famous. people want to watch train wrecks so they feel better about themselves. so they can be entertained the day asmongold crashes and burns. if he was normal, hed be boring. you dont seem to know how entertainment works.
    This is amusing coming from you of all people.

    Can you remind me when that civil war is happening....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    potential as a target of mockery.
    what about people who predicted a civil war 2-3 years ago? are they potential targets of mockery?
    I have a fan. Seems he was permabanned.
    Yo, don't mind my "street talk"

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    Usually only Stankie for mythic boss guides. A little bit of preheat and publik for evoker and shadow priest content. Oh, and @SoulSoBreezy for entertainment ofc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ceall View Post
    Usually only Stankie for mythic boss guides. A little bit of preheat and publik for evoker and shadow priest content. Oh, and @SoulSoBreezy for entertainment ofc.
    Shh don't inflate his ego!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sam86 View Post
    Flying Buttress exact name
    Flying Buttress has some incredibly funny, and short, story videos. I haven't checked out his new content in a good while, but it's definitely worth checking out his older stuff.

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    I consult yt for spec tutorials and it drives me crazy how so many of them focus on everything other than how to actually play the class. I had to sift through a sea of ww guides before I found one that actually fully explained the rotation and how to line things up.

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    I watch Krakken Latte's videos, particularly her leveling guides, but they're outdated now so I'm waiting for her DF-updated guide. Good stuff.

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    None cringe one's and one's that got their shit together including not doing any clickbait drama but providing you wth up to date information.

    The ideal but not complete list: Jack, Naguura, Tactycs, Growl, Dratnos. The only one's that matter to be honest. But I'm being too judgmental I guess since different people has different needs and thus no doubt there are some other passionate business people.

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    WoW is hard.. best channel ever

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