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    Quote Originally Posted by Walkerbo View Post
    I watched for 4 hours, and it shows 100% completed, yet the toy is not in my toy collection.
    This seems to be an issue for many players.
    1) Make sure you claimed it on Twitch
    2) It takes up to 24 hours to pop up in-game. Think mine was around 12 hours
    3) If it still doesn't then unlink your B.Net and then relink it. I know some had to do that for the others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocksteady 87 View Post
    No. Fuck Twitch and fuck trying to bribe your customers into advertising for you.

    And no WoW is not the advertised product here.
    It's Amazon shite.
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    Fuck Twitch. Games shouldn't be used as a bribe to use other software. This practice should be banned.

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    Oh cool, I've had this one for years. Congrats to everyone who can now enjoy it!

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