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    WoD had easily the best raids, and the best atmosphere for raiding.

    1. BRF
    is hands down the best raid they've ever created, with
    2. HFC being also one of my top raids

    the whole expansion was so great for raiders. No stupid AP grinds, no stupid daily/rep grind, not even need to grind gold for consumables, you could craft them in your garrison. Extremely easy to reroll, so you could experience more classes during the raid season.
    All you needed to do was just log in, and be ready to raid.
    And the class balance/design was so great. It was such a joy to try out the different classes.

    3. SoO
    4. ToT

    and finally
    5. Kara - I don't wanna add Kara just purely out of nostalgia, because I ran it again on TBC classic, and it still held on, suprisingly. It was such an innovative raid, it's what sparked my love for raiding, and also what set my high expectations of what a great raid should be like.

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    1. Ulduar
    I did it many times in original WotLK with most achieves.
    I did in on multiple private servers.
    I did it twice on Retail timewalking leading random PuGs.
    I do it every week on 25man on 2 characters now on Classic.
    I probably want even more in the future.


    2. Karazhan


    3. Bastion of Twilight
    4. Firelands
    5. Highmaul... maybe?

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    ToT>Hellfire Citadel>Ulduar>Zul'Gurub>Blackrock Foundry.

    ToT is the best by a pretty wide margin for me, rest depends on my mood.

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    Naxxramas 60
    Blackrock Foundry
    Throne of Thunder

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    ICC, SOO, Blackrock Foundry, Nighthold, Blackwing Descent, MSV. Sorry that’s 6.

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    Entirely on gameplay my favourites probably are in no particular order
    Blackrock Foundry
    Siege of Orgrimmar
    Throne of Thunder
    Castle Nathria

    Honorable mentions to Battle for Dazar'alor and Black Temple

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