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    [PVP] RIP hunters next patch.

    If the datamined Ret Paladin changes go through, hunters may as well just stay out of PVP altogether.

    Slow on judgment, slow on blade of justice, templar's verdict from 25 yards, self heals out the ass, auto-WoG at 40% HP.
    There is just no way a hunter will beat a ret...EVER. And ret is an extremely popular spec in PVP, so there will be lots of them around.

    Personally, I'm thinking of quitting the game for now and then roll a ret next patch. It's just pointless to keep playing hunter at this moment that we know what's coming.

    Unless a MM revamp also comes soon, hunter will be garbage tier for pvp simply because rets will be so anti-hunter, and there are tons of rets, but Blizzard has no idea what to do with hunters so I won't hold my breath for a revamp.

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    I already rerolled to druid for pvp.

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    It really feels like hunter is designed for the game like 10 years ago.

    Why do you need defensives? You can kite people, that's a defense right? Course they've added multiple slows and gap closers to every melee.

    Real defensives? I mean you have a pet right, it can tank for you! - doesnt apply in any content outside of leveling.

    Like what really is the plot here? cheetah isnt even a great sprint, it's less speed AND a longer cd than most, like shouldnt it at least be the fastest if they're going for the "run fast get tired" thing?

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    if you sit there like a target dummy, any class can beat you.

    plus, the player behind the class matters, not the class itself.

    all hunters that has beaten artorius the amiable are nodding right now
    war does not determine who is right, only who is left.

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