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    Unhappy We need to talk about the first Trading Posts items...

    First of all.....it's not a homophobic thread. My father is a woman and my mother is a man and I love them so much. Also englidh is not my first lenguage so forgive me about something weird

    I was born loooong times ago in a third world country... so forgive me if what I'm going to say is just the ignorance of an old outdated man who still doesn't understand the new times.

    Only I thought that 60% or 70% of the items in this beginning of Trading Post have colors and formats for female players or those who feel female?? Wouldn't it be a percentage of specific items far above average... for a pubic that (as far as I know) is small?? Why so much Pink, flowes, etc...???

    Okay, if we take ALL the World of Warcraft xmogs over the years we'll see that the overwhelming majority are more of the "hombre machos" type.
    But for a Trading Post Release (a novelty that is already the best thing about this expansion for many players) the chosen items and their colors are things that I would love to see my character using... IF ...my character and I were women, BUT we are not.

    I don't have this data so I ask: Is the female audience or those who identify as female already a majority in WoW??
    Understand the reason for this question:
    I have a clothing store. Imagine that 80% of my clients are Rock and Roll fans. Why would I fill my clothing store with pants and shirts for Country music fans??

    I'm patient and won't buy anything from TP this time. I'll wait for an update and more masculine items for me.

    It is very strange that for a Trading Post "DAY-1" (where everything can go very well but also go very wrong and the TP is already born dead)... that the devs choose items that please such a small audience of the player- base.

    Either I'm way behind on what's cool for a warrior, rogue, warlock, hunter, etc to wear on their bodies....or the devs don't know their player base....OR we don't know our Devs.

    Will this trend of flowers, pink things and fluffy things continue to be the majority in the trading post? Would you also prefer to see your orc warrior in a Rambo shape dressed as a bride to kill a T REX?

    p.s: No homophobia please. Let's be adults.
    p.s.2: Sorry about my bad english.

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