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    Upcoming Bugfix for Battle for Azeroth Level-up Dungeons

    Upcoming Bugfix for Battle for Azeroth Level-up Dungeons
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Along with the players who reported this, we found a bug causing enemies in Battle for Azeroth dungeons to scale well beyond their intended difficulty.

    With scheduled realm maintenance on Tuesday, we will deploy a fix for the bug and the difficulty of the affected dungeons should become very similar to that of Chromie Time leveling dungeons.

    To everyone who reported the state of BFA dungeons: thank you very much.
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    I did a Tol Dagor with 2 new players i introduced to wow and on the last boss we wiped for 1 hour.

    I still remembered all Mythic + mechanics and teached them
    It was a huge mini-adventure to learn the fight

    Teached the "soak the bullet" mechanic...it was insane
    We ended up clearing it

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    Got a Temple of Seth on my paladin while leveling and despite spamming every heal and external I could I couldn't keep the tank alive let alone most of the other party members. Glad they're finally fixing it.

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