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    Can Anyone Help Identify this Addon?


    I've come back to the game recently (quit after Legion) and curse remembered most of my addons so I let them install. I've since been getting them up and running, making my weakauras, etc.

    The problem is I have an addon I cannot identify to turn off -- it appears to be a buff tracker of some kind. I had Raven but have since uninstalled it, so I have no idea what addon is doing this so I can turn it off.

    Does anyone know what addon is making the list? I have drawn a square around it, in the bottom portion of my screen.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who knows!


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    isn't that part of dbm?

    its some sort of cast bar warning?

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    Looks like Quartz
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    Turns out it was Quartz (thank you @AwkwardSquirtle!).

    You guys rock, that was fast identification, a sincere thank you

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