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    I enjoy a lot, just more range and it will be perfect

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    I enjoy a lot, just more range and it will be perfect
    Its kinda clunky, which I think is the worst problem of it. Would probably work better if it was a combopoint like ressource.

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    Late response but I've gradually gone from "Spirit Bomb is awesome and cool!" to "I HATE SPIRIT BOMB" over the period since it was introduced.

    All the arguments have been made well in this thread. It competes weirdly with Soul Cleave and prevents Soul Cleave from being as good as it should be. It had incredibly shit-feeling delays, particularly the agonising one before it goes off, which is possibly the shittiest feeling ability in WoW as a result. It has basically no visual or sound, which makes it feel even more worthless.

    It needs either a complete re-work or, I think better yet, just to be removed from the game entirely.
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    Spirit Bomb needs to be a triggered effect from consuming soul shards via Soul Cleave or just removed/reworked entirely.
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