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    Quote Originally Posted by MrLachyG View Post
    Ok fair but then why mention that you solo heal it? Because all dungeons are solo heal lol
    This was a response to another point but the guy is just trolling anyway so oh well
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    Quote Originally Posted by vashe9 View Post
    He meant Azure VAULT.

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    Take ilvl into account plz. You don't +27 with 415 ilvl, but at my lvl it's the max I can get before doing +20 and I don't raid.
    And yes, as a BM hunter, in +20/+19 on tyrranical days, it the fight takes longer you have to pray your healer knows that hunters have bad survivability. I only have one turtle and one -40% dmg for 6 sec.... and a self heal won't save you from a one shot

    Hunters have the worse survivability cooldowns, it's even written in the "minus" in every hunter guide. I guess you're better informed that those people doing guides...
    You won't die from the slam on a 20 tyr if you clear all trees.
    Quote Originally Posted by Smoopie
    this change is to help players like you..... you know..night elf with tyrannical beheader...

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