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    Wink 1st Steps for Shammy Noob?

    I just started playing Enhancement on my shammy alt 2 days ago. It's fun, but I barely understand what my buttons do. I'm using a cookie-cutter build and leaning on Max DPS addon. I read through Wowhead guide, but it's a lot to wrap my head around and will take practice. Meanwhile what's one or two basics I could focus on for alt-fun runs tonight? Using the magic/elements M+ build. He's 378, btw, so it won't be anything serious. But shammy has never been my main, and I've never played Enhancement at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joveon Lightbringer View Post

    step 1. copy builds from wowhead
    step 2. practice
    step 3. wind shear

    don't stand in fire

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    Quote Originally Posted by shammypie View Post
    step 1. copy builds from wowhead
    step 2. practice
    step 3. wind shear

    don't stand in fire
    Thanks. Mostly what I've done. At this point I am better with interrupts and knocks than raw dps, because I main prot pally so I'm used to handling all the casters. I still need to get better at which damage buttons to use in which order.

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    you can try Hekili instead of MAX dps
    it should leave more space on your screen
    although its working a bit differently so matter of preference :P

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    Regarding Hekili, I've used it and noticed large improvements on classes/specs I've never tried before however those addons really do build bad habits and become so relied upon that they will become one of your main focuses on your screen. In my experience (learning characters with and without rotation addons), Hekili and addons like it will make you better quicker, yes, but it's very habit forming knowing it's there. Ultimately, you'll get to a point where you peak with those addons and the only way to improve will be deleting them entirely and relearning your rotation. Personally, I'd avoid them if you can.

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