After reaching AOTC on a caster, I realised I want to go back to tanking. I love the game, but I want to go back to what I enjoy doing in the game. I have tanked since vanilla on and off, but in DF only did M+ due to no guild needing a tank.
But I decided to try again. But ofcourse, what can I offer?

An idiot who enjoys the game, who enjoys M+, who despises PVP (Not because it’s PVP but because I die way to much to do anything, as some would call. A skill issue, or as IT people call it. PEBCAK (Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard).
Someone who has ample raiding experience, light heartedness to know that wipes happen, real life exists and that people are there to have fun. But also someone who will look up how to optimise their class, who will optimise every encounter on a personal level.
Someone with raid leading experience, guild leading and officer experience, and generally a social person.

I hear you say, “Wow all that in 1 person? There has to be a catch!” And ofcourse there is, life’s not fair, and it sadly never will be. I will be having to boost a character + level and gear it. (Preferably a paladin, other classes can be discussed). Now, since it is a tank, this can be done quickly. But it’s still a catch. Also, I can’t raid on Tuesdays.

Interested in this? Want to contact me? Sure! Contact me at:

Discord: Seeking_Tank#0333
Battle.Net: WeirdFox#21560
Snail Mail: Whoever uses that anymore?