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    Horde [Arise] Kazzak EU - Mythic Raiding Guild - Recruiting for S2 Dragonflight

    Arise - Kazzak EU (7/8M) is currently recruiting for post-raszageth reclears and season 2. We have open spots for all roles as some of our members will be rerolling for the new season.

    About Us
    We're a 2-day mythic raiding guild founded at the start of T25 The Eternal Palace. Our ambition is to become one of the best 2-day guilds out there while maintaining a fun raiding environment and an irl-compatible schedule. We're also social on our guild discord, even outside of raiding hours.

    Raid Times (Server Time)
    Sunday 20:00 - 00:00
    Monday 20:00 - 00:00

    We do not run any extra raids outside of this schedule unless there are exceptional circumstances and the group agrees.

    • We look for progress-oriented players that make an effort to continuously improve their gameplay and characters.
    • We appreciate players that prepare for bosses outside of raiding hours, allowing the guild to progress competitively.
    • We value a friendly guild environment. Our members must be respectful towards each other.
    • All of our raiders must be able to communicate through Discord during raids.
    • We encourage our raiders to identify and own their mistakes so that we can learn from them and move on.
    • Since we only raid for 2 days, we also value very high attendance.

    If you wish to apply, please fill out our application form: https: //forms .gle/PaVX3uoAtfhM5Ngt9 (without the spacing)

    We will get back to you within a maximum of 10 days if we wish to further explore your application.

    For specific questions, you can reach our officer team via Discord:

    Shalla#5159; Alli#0133; Bude#1337; Spennie#3387
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    Now 8/8 M, still searching for a mage and a dk and considering all exceptional applications.

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