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    Frost-What takes priority: 2 charges of Flurry or 2 stacks of Fingers of Frost?

    I've found that this situation sometimes happens during my opener as Frozen Orb gives me a bunch of Fingers of Frost procs while Icy Veins gives me my second Flurry charge.

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    This is from the Method Frost guide:
    1. A.B.C - Always be Casting
    2. Cast everything on CD (unless holding for a specific scenario)
    3. Use Procs accordingly - with Fingers of Frost first before Flurry, unless you are at risk of munching Flurry Proc.
    4. Remember the Flurry Shatter rule - Frostbolt > Flurry > 2x Ice Lance.

    I don't main Frost but it makes sense to me. You have 2 Finger procs which guarantee Ice Lance crits, so use them first; then use Brain Freeze on Flurry, which applies Winter's Chill making spells that hit the target act as if it's Frozen. Otherwise you're using Flurry to apply Winter's Chill which doesn't improve the Finger empowered Ice Lances.
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    Stop doing icelance,

    Focus on fb , bf proc = icelance frostbolt .

    If bf is procced from the fb that you used with flurry then icelance twice (so you dont risk losing a bf proc).

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    For the standard Frost rotation, you generally prioritize FoF over Flurry since otherwise you're basically wasting potential shattered Ice Lances.

    However, there is also a particular non-"standard" Frost build being used right now that de-emphasizes Ice Lance and is a 4% or so single target DPS increase, from what I've read
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