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    It's an MMO, there is no "beating the game" because that's not the goal of this genre. Bad thread is bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quakecanada View Post
    The biggest pain in the azz is that Blizzard keeps trying to make me
    that reminds of addiction, when I hated the game, I just unsubscribed.
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    Completing the main story quests up to and including killing the current expansion's final boss = beating the story. 100% achievements = beating the game.

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    Completing every single achievement
    Collecting every obtainable toy/mount/title
    Maxing out every available rep

    Im getting pretty close.

    Reps im like 99% done, only need Cobalt Assemly and the Winterpelt.
    Toys, Mounts and Titles im probably about 85% completed.
    Achievements im at 4424/4649, so thats 95% complete, but they are all the hardest ones left (Mythic kills and high PVP ranks), so overall, the most time consuming ones.

    I reckon another expansion or so, and I might actually be able to 100%.

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    Completing the main campaign/story and beating the current final boss = completing the game.
    The above + anything else at 100% = Progress towards completing the game.

    I believe there is a distinct difference between beating a game and completing it.
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    A difference between beating the game, and the game beating you.

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    You cant really beat something that gets new expansions constantly. Either you consider Vanilla to have beaten the game (and ignore all dlcs that came after) or you just have to stick with it until you get bored.

    I usually only play games with no end, so I myself can decide when I wanna stop. WoW is a good example and something I more or less stopped (max 2 logins per week, havent even updated to 10.7 yet), 7 Days 2 Die I still play in various overhaul mods (also a game without end), The Forest and Sons of The Forest (same, I just keep building and grinding even if main story is done) and Diablo 3 (soon 4, which is also a perfect example of grind till you are bored).

    I'd never play an Assassin's Creed game, or stuff like Divinity Org Sin, simply for the fact I hate when a game tells me it's over. Each to their own and that is why WoW can't be beated imo, it can just become to boring to keep playing.

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    When you can’t upgrade gear anymore outside of vault.

    So like ilevel 415-418 currently i think for M+

    Then just start a new character and do it again

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