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    Quote Originally Posted by Biomega View Post
    Well, that's a start.

    I still think they should just make sets ONLY come from Catalyst and not be drops at all, but this is definitely an improvement over what we've had and that's a good thing.
    not sure i agree wiht this tbh but i do think that when it comes to mog atleast its backwards compatable so if u get a mog piece for the set in hc it goes into that slot for normal and lfr also

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    Quote Originally Posted by Visas Marr View Post
    I mean they can define it however they want and have mostly had the same definition for 20 years - do difficult group content for the best rewards.

    Nothing wrong with that design. Nothing inherently wrong with games that give everyone everything like swtor and eso either; they are just different games.
    I think you are muddling concepts again.

    1. It really hasn't had the same definition. The endgame model is very different than it was at the beginning and has been through many iterations. The game is now a very closed seasonal model that almost immediately deprecates your rewards as soon as a new patch comes out. That changes dramatically the way that a tiered reward system doles out upgrades, how it impacts player behavior, etc.. The system is also far more granular than it was before.

    2. Nobody is talking about giving "everyone everything". I don't even know what that mans. Different content gives different rewards in those games you mentioned. Nobody is talking about giving the game a single reward track and everyone gets identical everything.

    3. There is something inherently wrong with a less fun design. What's wrong is that it is less fun.
    "stop puting you idiotic liberal words into my mouth"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ONCHEhap View Post
    That'd force raiders even further into m+ though (more than is already the case), as the infinite amount of loot from m+ would guaranteed full set right away.

    m+ already renders any PvE loot from other sources useless as it is, it doesn't need to be made even better either directly or indirectly
    Then we have the real solution. Delete M+ and bring back Challenge Dungeons. Run them once and you're done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esper View Post
    Then we have the real solution. Delete M+ and bring back Challenge Dungeons. Run them once and you're done.
    Great idea, let's go back to the system that barely anyone did and remove a system that roughly ~50% of players engage with at least to some degree.

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