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    Quote Originally Posted by Uniteria View Post
    /clap Blizzard for nerfing stuff right after we got it and upgraded. I want refund now of my 6 Unstable Elementium.
    Yup i did the same. Really it didn’t cost too much.
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    Seriously. These stone have been either OP or completly useless.

    Why did people upgrade them allready instead of waiting a few days.

    And even IF you upgraded them... it is really really cheap. So come one....

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    Eh it's not too bad
    I'm a WW so it only really matters if the possible bugged interaction is an actual bug and that means I gotta get a whole 60 element dust oh nooooo

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    Glad I put the hours in grinding 424 stones now. Was pretty obvious they would be buffed to be relevant until 10.1.

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    Devs: "Let's put something in the game that we want all the players involved in..."
    Reality: ...but, its actually useless & under tuned for a bunch of specs

    go back to design class please

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordjust View Post
    For the majority of specs that isn't the case. Even after the buffs and the maybe bugged interaction of two gems, at 424 the ring is only as good as a 395 ilvl with a socket or a 405/411 ring with good stats. Any 415 ring with no socket or any crafted ring at 405 beats it. Most specs are very dependant on secondary stats and now they created a balancing problem for themselvs. Make gems with effects that are on par with a 424 ring with secondary stats but at the same time get beaten by any higher ilvl ring from 10.1..
    So the easy way to fix that without adding stats to the gems (because that would cause a slew of other balancing problems and why they haven't done it) is allow you to put a missive on the ring at say half the base stats of what you would normally get. For example a 405 crafted ring with chosen missive is 536 stats. So let a player pick the two stats they want at the value of 268 each (increasing as you go higher). This way people get some secondary stats and it doesn't increase their strength too much that a 10.1 ring will be weaker. If it does they could always halve that value down to 134 each.

    Since it seems the problem is people are missing out on some secondary stats which is weakening the value of the ring itself. This also puts the stats on the ring and doesn't tie them to gems which causes more problems.
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