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    Question Simple macro does not work when used via keyboard hotkey.

    In Wotlk classic i have this simple macro:

    #showtooltip Sacrifice
    /click PetActionButton5

    It works when i click the macro button with the mouse, and it works when i place the macro button on an action bar hotkey that has a simple keybind (for example Q).

    However when i place it on an action bar hotkey that is (for example) Shift+Q the macro will light up but it will not actually do anything.

    I tried this without any addons, still the same problem (and i just use some basic mods like Questie, no action bar changers).

    Can anyone please explain what is going on and can i somehow make it work on any action bar hotkey regardless of the keybind?

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    You can just cast pet abilities, you don't need to do a click workaround.

    Also, if your ActionButtonUseKeyDown CVar is enabled you need to pass "X 1" through to click macros.

    #showtooltip Sacrifice
    /click PetActionButton5 X 1
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