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    opinions should never be bannable, even if contraversial. how those opinions are expressed is another matter

    personally I'm happy to listen to differing opinions and debate them but that requires they also listen and that both/all sides are able to talk not just about what they believe but why it seems true while also being interested in the reasons for the other opinions. such things are rare though, especially on the internet. respectful debates are far less common than angry arguing and trolling, not exclusively from the 'unpopular' side of the issue either

    as a consequence some forums have rules that can also prevent even a civil debate since it's less work to enforce than having to take each post in a case by case basis and have to decide whether or not it crosses a line

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    If you have an issue with moderation, take it up with a Global (blue) moderator. Opening a thread to discuss moderation in the Suggestions and Feedback forum is not the way.

    Closing this.


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