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    Tbh I don't want them to add more stuff. I know it sounds moronic, but they'd have some rewards I would HAVE to have and I don't want to live in WoW. For example, for racing I would play a dedicated racing game, not a half assed side mini game that would most likely frustrate me, like the darkmoon ones.
    If they would add them without any achi or reward, I'd love to have them.

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    All this talk about core game features and no one mentions the hundreds of toys we have that are mini games? Some multi-player.

    Off the top of my head, single player:
    Blingtron's Circuit Tutorial (uncross wired with achievement(s))
    JewelCraft (bejeweled also with achievements)
    Plants vs Zombies (not a toy but is a fun mention, with a pet!)

    The luchador costumes (you fight other luchador'd players with special abilities
    Autographed Hearthstone Card, get a lot of use out of these trying to see (or gamble) who hits three legendaries in a row first or other random variants
    The kicking carp. It's something XD
    Training sword
    Practice sword/armor sets

    Dazzling Rod (my personal favorite) where you shoot orbs at each other and if you're hit you're stunned. There's a score counter and the orbs are huge when you're using the toy. Some movement abilities work with it which makes for fun times (shadowstep element of surprise)

    There's quiet a few more but I'd Def look into them as possible sources of fun.

    I'm sure others here will know of plenty that I missed XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowferal View Post
    And I heard that "brawler's guild" from MoP was decent...
    it was realy good, it wasn't a minigame, because all you did was just play the game as you would normally, just against a hard solo-raid boss.

    and the multiplayer factor was just watching other people play and fail at the challenge. It was a really nice social experience, especially since this was before sharding, so you would meet people from your own realm, and I dare say, realm identity was still a thing.
    But you can hardly call that a multiplayer minigame, since it was neither mutiplayer, nor a minigame.

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