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    Lightbulb **[ChatGPT Powered] Esprit G1 - CE Raiding Guild - GMT +8 ** Recruiting For 10.1

    Esprit's Team 1 is currently seeking Exceptional Players to join us for the upcoming 10.1 Mythic Raiding tier . Our team has consistently achieved Cutting Edge and most recently in Vault of the Incarnates (WR 500), we are looking to continue our success by tackling the toughest encounters in the game.

    We are specifically looking for the following classes: 1xMain Tank, Havoc DH, Devastation Evoker, DPS DK who have experience in Mythic raiding and are dedicated to achieving their goals. Our raiding schedule is Wednesdays, Thursdays, Monday and from 830pm to midnight +8GMT. At the start of tier we add a Sunday for a few weeks as well.

    Our schedule is fluid and we adapt to the progress of the tier. At the beginning of the tier, we start with 4 nights a week to maximize our progression. As we get further into the tier and have a better grasp of encounters, we may shift to 3 nights a week to give our raiders more time for personal activities. Towards the end of the tier, we push back to 4 nights a week to ensure we secure Cutting Edge achievements for the full team which includes rekills.

    We believe in maintaining a healthy balance between progression and personal time, and our flexible raiding schedule allows us to do just that.

    Esprit has been an established guild since Vanilla and has always maintained a casual and friendly environment. We value dedication, skill, and camaraderie, and we believe in challenging ourselves to achieve greater success.

    If you are an experienced raider who is passionate about tackling the toughest Mythic raid encounters and achieving Cutting Edge achievements, we invite you to apply to join our team. Our guild provides a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, with experienced leadership and knowledgeable raiders to help you reach your full potential.

    To apply, please contact our raid leader at Bnet - Pewpewpew#1884 or Discord - Obama#0514. Let's tackle the toughest challenges together and conquer the next tier!
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