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    Lightbulb Esprit G1 9/9M - CE Raiding Guild - GMT +8 ** Now Recruiting

    ESPRIT G1 [9/9M] is recruiting!

    Esprit’s G1 group is currently seeking exceptional players especially Healers
    We are currently looking for healers to bolster our ranks for Season 4 and beyond in The War Within expansion!

    Our typical raiding schedule is:
    Wednesdays, Thursdays, Monday
    830pm to midnight +8GMT.

    Esprit has been an established guild since Vanilla and has always maintained a casual and friendly environment.
    We value dedication, skill, and camaraderie, and we believe in challenging ourselves to achieve greater success.

    If you are an experienced raider who is passionate about tackling the toughest Mythic raid encounters and achieving Cutting Edge achievements, we invite you to apply to join our team. Our guild provides a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, with experienced leadership and knowledgeable raiders to help you reach your full potential.

    To apply, please contact our raid leader at Bnet - Pewpewpew#1884 or Discord - Obama#0514.
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    Bump for 10.2 current content - We're currently 6/9M! Latest recruitment info on the first post!

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    Bumped for Season 4 and beyond! Updated first post!

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    Bumped again for Season 4 with update - Currently looking for healers!

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