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    Are there any good guides to really learning WHY to build certain decks?

    There are loads of decks online you can just copy, but I guess to me, I'd be more interested in trying to learn *how* to build a deck, and *why* certain cards are being chosen?

    Like, I can recognize the surface-level stuff like "this deck is all about Pirates, or Undead", stuff like that. But more just getting a feel for *how* you should be playing the game, or a particular deck. I was super stoked when the Death Knight class was announced, but while I've been able to put together a pretty rudimentary deck that can win *sometimes*, I feel like I'm still kind of at the shallow, surface-level understanding of the game and the class.

    Are there any guides you guys might recommend to just get a better understanding for *how* you should be building decks, and why certain card choices are made? Like, whether you should have cards at roughly every mana pricepoint, or if some decks would be better stacking low-cost cards and/or avoiding high-cost ones?

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    What you are looking for is the combos, they are build in that way because of that.

    In my opinion its the biggest problem of this game, too many combos for a card game. That leads you to spend money to purchase cards if you want be competitive, it's a vicious circle. If not you will loosing a lot and that leads a frustation feeling.

    Was a good game, now its pathetic.
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    If you're at a beginner level to deck building, I'd honestly just stick to netdecking. Preferably, you don't just copy a code somewhere and off you go, but you stick around and read the guide for the deck if available.

    That said, if you really wanna stick to building your own, look for synergies between cards and go from there. What is your win condition? What's your gameplan against other decks in the meta?
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    Pretty much after the first couple expansions the power creep and combos have risen to the point you just have to read and understand the cards and how they interact.

    At a point almost every class had an exodia deck (basically an auto win condition), but now there are similar enough powerful combos, or decks just designed to snowball to the point they can't be stopped.

    If you do want to try your hand at shaking up the meta then your deck needs to either bring the above - but better or be able to efficiently deal with whatever the top few meta decks are at the time.

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    Never been able to build something decent only by myself, but you can still choose a tier 1 or 2 deck (or whichever deck you like) e.g. from Tempostorm and have it as a base for your future perfect deck. The longer you'll be playing this "base" deck, the deeper understanding of meta you'll be getting so you'd be able to tune it to hit legend.

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