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    Does Weakauras have a trigger for a curse being removed from a party member?

    Trying to make a macro around the Mage's Remove Curse. I'd like it to only trigger when it successfully removes a curse (from a party or raid member) and/or if it goes on cooldown. It doesn't go on cooldown when it's unsuccessful but the WA I'm using still triggers anyways.

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    Ok, I think I figured it out and the WA worked fine. Apparently if Remove Curse doesn't actually remove a curse, it's considered a failed cast which can be tracked as a trigger.

    For reference, this is ultimately what I made:

    Trigger 1: Spell>Action Useable
    +Spell: Remove Curse

    Trigger 2: Spell>Cooldown Ready Event
    +Spell: Remove Curse
    +Timed: 8

    Trigger 3: Combat Log>Spell>Cast Failed
    +Source Unit: Player
    +Destination Reaction: Friendly
    +Spell Name: Remove Curse
    +Timed: 8

    The custom trigger is:
    return trigger[1] and trigger[2] and not trigger[3];

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